GS5 Hybrid

The GS5 hybrid has proven to be a must have club among the many #Orkaites playing the ORKA range.

Following on from its award winning predecessor, this PVD hybrid has proven to be a valuable additional to many golf bags.

The GS5 PVD hybrid range is available in 19, 22, 25 and 28 degree true lofts. The hybrid is perfectly shaped with a fluid dynamics sole plate engineered to offer less drag through the turf and allow for quicker swing speeds.

This head is the perfect size for a hybrid to maximise distance and control and offer you an escape from rough when you need it. Made from 17-4 stainless steel with a spring steel face, this hybrid head maximises distance, forgiveness and performance, perfect off the fairway or off the tee for more control on those longer par 3 holes.

Internal weight pockets allow for a high Moment Of Inertia head, with optimal spin rates to offer you maximum control over your shots. The DFD (Dynamic Face Design) allows for greater forgiveness from off centre hits without dramatic loss of distance or accuracy.

Fitted properly at an ORKA Fitting Centre and the results are unbelievable.



Club No.LoftHead WeightLieFAHosel IDFace Roll