CTi Irons

This is the 3rd generation of the CTi (Combined Technology Iron) and we have continued to cram as much technological advancements into our entry level club. Ideally suited for beginners and intermediate players the head features advanced perimeter weighting to make it more forgiving, thicker topline to inspire confidence at address and heal a toe CoG weight pockets, where we bring the centre of gravity closer to the face with the use of the ports, thus giving a more penetrating ball flight by having less weight below the equator of the ball.

Softer lofts make it easier for players of all levels to increase their carry distance. Made from soft cast 431 stainless steel with a polished finish these are an outstanding club for players of any level.

Fitted properly at an ORKA Fitting Centre and the results are unbelievable.

Try it with the ORKA NH9 Pro shafts engineered for ORKA by FST for optimal results.

Aimed at player from 6-28handicap

Club No. Lie Loft Finish W.t Bore Diam Hosel Diam Bore Depth
4 60 24° 247g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm
5 60.5 27° 253g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm
6 61 30° 259g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm
7 62 34° 266g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm
8 63 38° 274g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm
9 63.5 43° 281g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm
P 64.5 48° 287g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm
S 64.5 55° 293g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm