RS1 Irons

Temptation is to keep an award winning product the same. That is what we thought about the multi award winning PS9 muscle back, but there are always areas we can improve, so we set to work to find the small things that would make the difference and make the Best even Better. Triple forged from a single billet of s25c carbon steel, we re-engineered the centre of gravity to offer even better ball flight.

The upshot was that we can make the ball go further without having to adjust the loft, players can now land the ball softly from further out due to this slight adjustment. The heads themselves are simply stunning, white satin finish, classic toe height, minimal offset and with a top line that does not intimidate nor seem too thick. These are classic blades with modern performance, forged, then CNC milled, hand finished and plated by our master craftsmen to the tightest tolerance for optimal performance.

Fitted properly at an ORKA Fitting Centre and the results are unbelievable.

Try it with the ORKA NH9 Pro shafts engineered for ORKA by FST for optimal results.

Aimed at player from 0-12 handicap

Club No. Lie Loft A/C W.t Finish W.t Bore Diam Hosel OD Bore Depth
3 59 21° 244g 238g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP
4 60 24° 251g 245g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP
5 61 28° 238g 252g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP
6 61.5 32° 265g 259g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP
7 62 36° 272g 266g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP
8 63 40° 279g 273g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP
9 64 44° 280g 280g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP
P 65 48° 287g 287g 9.4mm 13.5mm 30mm + WP