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The GS5 PVD driver is suitable for all levels of player and is available in 10,12 and 14 degree true lofts.

The driver is classically shaped with a fluid dynamics sole plate engineered to offer less drag and allow for quicker swing speeds.

Made from 16-4 performance grade titanium, this forged head maximises distance, forgiveness and performance.The key to maximising performance of the GS5 driver is to ensure you are correctly fitted for the accompanying shaft and grip to your individual sing. Internal weight pockets allow for a high Moment Of Inertia head, with minimal spin rates to offer you not only outstanding carry but additional roll.

The DFD (Dynamic Face Design) allows for greater forgiveness from off centre hits without dramatic loss of distance or accuracy. This is modern engineering performance inside the shell of a classic looking driver.

Fitted properly at an ORKA Fitting Centre and the results are unbelievable.

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10, 12, 14

Shaft Type

UST Flatline Regular, UST Flatline Stiff, UST Flatline A, UST Flatline Ladies

Shaft Flex

Standard 45 inch, 1/2 inch longer, 1 inch longer,, 1/2 inch shorter, 1 inch shorter


Lamkin X10 Standard, X10 Undersize, X10 Midsize, X10 Oversize