OD Wedge Series

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The all new OD wedge (Original Design) is aimed at all levels of golfer. With its aggressive C and heel grind, the OD wedge allows you to really open the wedge when required, limiting leading edge rise. This keeps the leading edge low, promoting confidence allowing you to accelerate through bunkers as well as clean lies, this alleviates the need to de-loft the face in order to keep the leading edge low.  

CLICK HERE to see more of what makes the OD wedge the easiest wedge to hit.

Form forged from 1020c the OD gives a super soft feel, with it's long hosel giving stability through impact from a range of surfaces and lies.

** Non-disclaimer - Please note that due the OD Wedge being a forged material you may find a small indentation on the sole of the irons toward the heel and toe area. This is purely due to them being altered to your desired build specifications and sadly can't be avoided. This does not effect your warranty or the performance of the irons.

Available in Right Hand (.370 parallel tip)

* 50*   Lie 64   Bounce 8

* 52*   Lie 64   Bounce 10

* 54*   Lie 64   Bounce 9

* 56*   Lie 64   Bounce 11

* 58*   Lie 64   Bounce 6

* 60*   Lie 64   Bounce 8


Key Features:

  • Elongated hosel for stability
  • Aggressive C and Heel Grind
  • Form forged
  • Perimeter toe weight

The OD wedge RRP £110 - £125 per wedge. Please note that the price may differ depending on the shaft specification you require and the grip you have chosen. The price advertised is only a guideline.

Here at ORKA Golf we offer FREE lifetime loft and lie alterations with every set purchased.