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Custom Fitting

Custom Built is the process by which golf hardware equipment is measured to suit your individual needs and more importantly your swing characteristics to ensure you get the very best out of your game. Custom fitting is merely a step in the overall process to achieve your optimal. The critical part is what we then do with that information to build the perfect set of clubs for you.

There are two bases that form the custom fitting process, these being, what is known as the Dynamic Fit and secondly, what is known as the Static Fit. The combination of the two to give what we refer to as the "Optimal Fit".

Static Fit + Dynamic Fit = OPTIMAL FIT

The Static Fit
This is where a measurement is taken based  on an analysis of height, reach, hand size etc to give us a guide as to your physical properties.

The Dynamic Fit
This is whereby you fit a number of shots with your existing irons, which enables us to capture a measurable base to work from. From this we look at key numbers provided by the GC2 Foresight system used, such as ball speed, spin rate, peak height, start direction, carry and distance. 

From there we will start to build a framework to find you the ideal club make up, that not only suits your swing characteristics, whether that be a steep or shallow angle of attack. Or an in to out swing path, an out to in swing path, whether you have an early extension or tend to drop from the top of your swing. But also, improve your base numbers, finding you gains across all parameters without compromising your swing, or the overall results. 

By taking the data above we have 90% of the picture, combining them tells us the clubs you should require now, to play more consistent golf today. What we don’t want to do is hold your game back. So part of the optimal fit is to discuss your golfing journey, where you want to be. In doing so, we can fit you for your journey and work with you to give you equipment that allows you to improve and develop the things you are working on.

"Remember you are unique, your clubs should be too". 

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