Tax included.


How it works:

We get that new equipment is a risk especially online, so we want to take that risk away. The payment you see for this club is a deposit and you get it back when the club is returned or a credit if you go on to order.

Once you place your order we will call you to discuss what you need over the phone and then build that club to your specification for you to try for 2 weeks, then we will follow up and see how you are getting on.

Because the club head you are getting is a demo head it won't be new, but it will be built to your requirement.

You pay the first shipping and then we pay for collection. If collection is missed due to the club not being available we may ask you to contribute to a further collection cost.

The most important thing is call us if you are in any doubt and we can talk on +44 1767 827787.


The Reflex Driver is a 460cc head, with a reactive speed channel and with its weight plate location, this driver is designed to increase ball speed, whilst reducing the overall spin rates. With the correct shaft, the Reflex produces optimal numbers to ensure you find the fairway and distance.

To achieve the optimal, the ideal launch for your driver should be 12* degrees launch with a spin rate between 1900rpm - 2300rpm

Key Features:

  • REFLEX Speed Channel
  • Weight positioning forward
  • 4 piece design
  • Loft options 9* 11* 13*
  • Right Handed Only