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The RS10MB irons are made from a single billet of quad forged S25C Japanese steel, making it the softest iron within the golf industry. With it's constant heel to toe weight, the RS10MB offers exceptional feel and consistency. The constant lower weighting across the bottom of the head, means the COG (centre of gravity) is lower, which is designed to launch the ball slightly higher than the RS10CB. The RS10MB is not only beautiful, but also the easiest muscle back iron to hit.

Not only beautiful, but packed with technology. CLICK HERE to see more details of the tech in the stunning RS10 MB irons.

The RS10MB is aimed at the more consistent ball strikers playing off a handicap of 10 or lower. The key to achieving the optimal performance, is to ensure your RS10's are built with the ideal shaft to match your swing characteristics.

** Non-disclaimer - Please note that due the RS10 being a premium forged material you may find a small indentation on the sole of the irons toward the heel and toe area. This is purely due to them being altered to your desired build specifications and sadly can't be avoided. This does not effect your warranty or the performance of the irons.

Available in Right Hand 3 - PW (.370 parallel tip)

* 3i   Loft 20   Lie 59

* 4i   Loft 24   Lie 60

* 5i   Loft 28   Lie 61

* 6i   Loft 32   Lie 62

* 7i   Loft 36   Lie 62.5

* 8i   Loft 40   Lie 63

* 9i   Loft 44   Lie 63.5

* P   Loft 48   Lie 64

Key Features:

  • The softest feeling iron in golf
  • Brushed Satin chrome finish
  • Hosel weight port to assist in zero tolerance build quality
  • Bendable up to 7 degrees for precise loft and lie specifications
  • Forged from S25C Japanese steel
  • Available in 3-PW
  • Right Handed Only

Here at ORKA Golf we offer FREE lifetime loft and lie alterations with every set purchased.